International work

European Power & Peace learning partnership in Germany

My work for the last 18 years in the field of racism, discrimination and equal opportunities sector in the Netherlands with European and international contacts has developed me as a trainer for transformation.


In my work I have been inspired by the people working across the globe in very difficult circumstances to work towards peace and social justice. The techniques of the theatre of the oppressed is one of those sources of inspiration. Being trained by trainers from the Netherlands, Mozambique, Israel/Palestine, Colombia/USA and others made me look at transformational processes in society from different perspectives. My study trip to Rwanda on transitional justice and post-genocide society has deepend my understanding of processes of reconciliation and forgiveness.


In my recent work I have trained a significant number of refugee groups on how to react to the exclusion and discrimination they face in Dutch society. In this three day empowerment training my partner Marzieh Dadvar and I explore identities and personal stories and investigate the individual and collective ways of coping with oppression, violence and exlusion. I have designed similar programmes for young people.


For the last couple of years I have also been part of an European exchange program of trainers working in the field of peace and social justice.

Co-operation with UMTAPO Centre

My close cooperation with UMTAPO in South Africa is another part of my inspiration and has not only thaught me a lot about Ubuntu and our interconnectedness, but also deepened my understanding of how South African society has been and still is faced with many challenges in post-apartheid society. The intensive 10 day training for students and educators PHARE,  ‘Peace, Human Rights and Anti-Racism Education has been a big inspiration for trainingprograms I have designed. 

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International work

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